Founded in 2014, the Time-Keepers are a group of best friends on a mission to bring music to life in a new and refreshing way. Covering film scores, contemporary, modern, pop, and even the occasional original piece, no tune is off the table!


John Eggers is the pianist of the group, as well as its unofficial leader.  In charge of composing and transcribing the various arrangements for everyone, it's John's job to make sure everyone has music tailored specifically for them.  He also is in charge of the video production, taking on the roles of director, primary camera-man, editor, visual effects artist, graphics designer, and pretty much whatever the group needs done on the media side of things. More recently, he has also begun doing the group's audio production as well.

David Thoits is the first violinist, as well as the head of public relations.  An extremely talented musician, David was a lead violinist in the Napa Youth Symphony for several years before helping found the Time-Keepers.  In charge of both the violin and bass recording, David is tasked with making sure that the recordings get to John for production as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Clement Say was the second violinist (though by no means the lesser).  Also a very skilled musician, Clement was also a lead violinist in the Napa Youth Symphony before joining the group.  Well versed in music theory, Clement is the group's resident expert when it comes to ensuring that everyone's technique is on point. While he no longer is able to play violin due to health concerns, he still actively engages with the group and is always willing to lend his ears to critique a work-in-progress.

Thomas Eggers is the bassist/guitarist/ukuleleist (yes, that is a word apparently)/anything really that he puts his mind to.  A very flexible musician, Thomas excels at picking up an instrument and learning it at an astonishing rate.  In charge of editing/producing the behind-the-scenes for all productions, as well as being a big joker and great laugher, Thomas keeps the group in good spirits at all times.


It all started when John Eggers and David Thoits, two friends who had known each other for over 15 years, heard a piece of music that blew them away so much that they felt they just had to try and play it for themselves.  After attempting to make it work with just two instruments, they realized that they needed more help if they were to fully achieve the sound they wanted.  They therefore approached their friend Clement Say, who was more than willing to hop on-board for the venture.  However, even with all three of them, they felt something was missing.  So, they approached John's younger brother Thomas to see if he was interested.  Thomas was, and so the group was born.  Combining their collective knowledge of their instruments, as well an extensive knowledge of classical music structure, they began to see what other songs they could tackle.  While film scores and modern orchestrations remain their favorite to work with, nothing is off the table when it comes to new ideas for songs.


John Eggers


David Thoits

Violinist/Recording Artist

Clement Say


Thomas Eggers

Bassist/Social Media